Currently I’m working on several projects that will evolve over time. These correlate with my graduate studies as well as my personal interests. I will continually update this information in the months ahead and/or create separate websites to further catalog my efforts. Essays and other works are available here.  

Specific Project Areas

Online-LearningOnline Training – Introduction to Robotics
This free online course will consist of a collection of lectures and tutorials for students and enthusiasts seeking a foundational understanding of robotics and related topics/theories. Learning modules are designed to teach principles of robotic design, computer science, and basic AI  — to name a few. Learners of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to enroll.

Research-1Liquid Cooling Research
This project involves a specialty coolant designed specifically for electronics applications operating in extreme environments. My research focuses on future uses of the fluid in aeronautics, robotics, IT systems, and other mission-critical applications that are typically plagued by overheating issues and associated problems during operation.

Inventor-DirectoryInventor Resource Directory
This project involved the development of a curated digital resource directory for inventors, makers, researchers and disruptors that need assistance in protecting their intellectual property, locating funding sources, taking their idea to market, prototype development, and more. Resources are continually curated and updated after careful review.