In this month’s mini-lecture, I discuss the emergence of facial recognition software and how this may affect us in the future.



Additional Learning Resources


  • Faces of Facebook: Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality. [LINK] [SLIDES]
  • Biometrics – A Look at Facial Recognition, RAND, 2003. [eReport]
  • W. Zhao, R. Chellappa, A. Rosenfeld, P.J. Phillips, Face Recognition: A Literature Survey, ACM Computing Surveys, 2003, pp. 399-458. [PDF]
  • A.J. O’Toole, P.J. Phillips, F. Jiang, J. Ayyad, N. Penard, H. Abdi, Face Recognition Algorithms Surpass Humans Matching Faces over Changes in Illumination, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 29, No. 9, September 2007, pp. 1642-1646. [LINK]


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