In this lecture, we examine the fundamental science of nanotechnology, past and current research efforts, and how this emerging field could impact our lives in the future.



Additional Learning Resources


  • The Nanobiotechnology Center at Cornell University has some interesting educational opportunities, including a nanotechnology workshop for teachers and a month long summer internship for high school students.
  • Nanotechnology Now –  Current news and articles about nanotechnology
  • Nanowerk  – Nanotechnology news and articles along with a database of nanomaterial suppliers
  • An Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology [PDF]
  • National Nanotechnology Strategic Plan Providing Future Roadmap for Nanotechnology Innovations. DOI: 10.4053/fe465-101124
  • Darryl Farber, & Akhlesh Lakhtakia (2008). Scenario Planning and Nanotechnological Futures. European Journal of Physics, Vol. 30, pp. S3-S15 (2009) arXiv: 0810.5583v1


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